The Final Joke or Stupid Thought of the Day

In sixth grade, Darren showed me this poem that he wrote about his sister after she pissed him off.  I found the poem to be absolutely hilarious even though he didn't think so himself.  He told me I could have it, and thought that I would throw it away in a few days.  But year after year, I showed him I still had it, and year after year he asked me why I would keep it.  The truth is, I don't have any idea, but still, this poem is something that I've always laughed at and always got a kick out of, because it doesn't seem like something that pacifist Darren would write.  But above all, it's something that's stayed with me throughout all those years of growing up.  And here, now it's posted so all of you can get a kick out of it too.  But I know you guys probably won't, because I've realized that I'm the only person that thinks this is funny.  But doesn't that live up to the whole joke or stupid thought of the day spirit?

I could turn around and shoot you in the head,
       if I had a shotgun,
I could turn around and shoot you 'til you're dead,
       if I had a shotgun
I could turn around and fill your body full of lead,
       if I had a shotgun
You should feel safe lying right there in your bed
       cuz I have no shotgun