January 29, 2004

so once again it's the infamous 129.

This is quite arguably the greatest day of the year. It's arguably that, because it's not. If there's one reason why I still believe in superstition, it's because of this day. I swear, it's freakin' evil.

At least not as evil as a few years ago. Today marks the three-year anniversary of the tri-revolution of 129. For the second time in a row, all three parts of the tri-revolution have come to an end. And, uh, I don't see those things ever coming back and haunting us, so it's gone for good. But anyway...

On January 29, 2001, three days after the infamous Hippos and Rhinos Scandal, Jacques started posting war quotes on the forum and many people seemed to follow and post quotes too. At first, it was referred to as the "quote revolution" because the quotes were being posted by lots of people mainly because they were kind of pissed at the whole scandal situation, but as time went on, we all were posting quotes because there are a lot of insightful quotes to post. Because of this, I decided to call the revolution on the forum "The Second French Revolution on the forum." Only second to the First French Revolution on the forum which no one other than Darren probably remembers because he was probably the only person that visited my forum then. Anyway, we continued to post quotes for a year and a half. I ended the revolution on July 7, 2002, after participation in the revolution started to decline drastically.

That was the good part of the tri-revolution, and interestingly enough, the part that lasted the longest time.

The second part of the tri-revolution was actually the first thing associated with 129, and that was when Cassie Fronzo and Chris Wenz started dating. See, Darren was sorta dating Cassie at the time but not officially, so this pissed the living crap out of him. And after it was official that Cassie and Chris were going out, Darren remembered the exact date they started dating (mainly because it was in Cassie's new screen name at the time RedxHot129) and disliked it.

The last part of the tri-revolution is what affected me the most, and probably the main reason that I do care about this date. During the month of January of 2001, I was just getting to know Chris Spencer. I had only hung out with him one time without AJ, who was his new good friend. So, obviously, I didn't know Chris too well, but on the afternoon of the 29th, we were talking on the Internet about some nonsense and then it got to the girls that we liked and stuff. And normally, because I pretty much told everyone this story back in the day, I told him about Robin and how I had liked her for a very, very long time. To me it seemed inconsequential, but he told me to go to some site with poems on it and I read a few of them, and he asked "guess who those are about." I figured he was talking about Cassie, maybe because we were talking about her at the time or something, but Robin never went through my mind. And I didn't guess right. But then he told me that it was about Robin, and I typed about a thousand exclamation points to him and I told him I was going to call him right at that moment.

And so we talked about that. And at that time, it almost seemed like a game and nothing really great anyway. This was maybe because we both didn't have a chance (she couldn't date) and there was no point in fighting over her anyway. In a way, I wish it stayed that way, but it didn't and we fought over her in some stupid ways. The good thing is that we kept a strong friendship, and because of our qualms, we have become better people.

Now the reason I believe that this date is haunted is because for the next year or even more after January 29, 2001, Darren, Chris Spencer, Chris Wenz, and I kept on seeing the number 129 everywhere. And in the stupidest places. It got so stupid that it came down to whenever anyone ever was looking for like gas prices, page numbers in books, the time or whatever, we would just say "one twenty-nine" and we were always right. It was so freakin' weird. I would see it everywhere.

The whole seeing 129 thing kinda stopped for a few months until I went to a friend's birthday party early this month. I was with Alok and he was ordering pizza and he came back and said "crap, I forgot my order number." I honestly had the urge of just saying "one twenty-nine" just to be an idiot, but because Alok didn't go to my high school and didn't know the whole story, I thought it would be stupid, so I didn't say it. Later on, when he was at the counter waiting for the pizza, I asked him if he'd found his order number and he nodded. I asked him what it was, and he said "one twenty-nine."

Something is up with that number. But you know what? I think me and it have a love-hate relationship. Whenever I hear it or see it, even though I think it's creepy or just plain weird, it brings a smile of amusement to my face. I guess it really could be one of my favorite numbers alongside 13, 142857, and pi.

So I ask all of you readers to perform the 129 ceremony for me. And that's to write 129 wherever you feel like it. And hell, if you're gonna write it in one place, why not write it in one hundred twenty-nine places?

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January 23, 2004

i've never had an african-american friend before.

See, there's this kid in my dorm named Daniel. He's become one of my better friends here, but ever since I started hanging out with him, there's always been something weird going on. And today, he completely topped it off.

I think he's some sort of omnipresent being.

It started with the fact that he went to Desert Vista, was in FBLA, and stayed in the room right next to my friends at FBLA State. And still, I've never seen him in my life.

Then, the other day, he said something about how I care about my hair and how some girl told him that. When I asked him who told him that, he just said some girl in the hallway. I was quite confused as to what he was talking about, because I just moved in, and there aren't many people that know me here. So I figured he was talking about the only person I really knew in this dorm before I moved in, and I inferred that he was probably talking about her. Then he continued by telling me all this other stuff he knew about me and my relations with various people in this dorm. I asked him where he gets all this stuff from, and he just told me that he just observes things when walking around the halls and stuff.

Either this dorm seems to talk about me a lot, or he just knows where my priorities are at and he's somehow finding out all this information about me by being in the right place at the right time.

Or he's just omnipresent and not really a person at all.

Whatever the case, he's a cool kid and he's the first African-American that I've really associated with all my life. He's already helped me solve this jigsaw puzzle that I've been stumbling on for a while now. I think it'll be done soon, and I'll probably post about it.

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January 16, 2004

i'm now tucsonian.

And for one, it's been hella fun. There are quite a lot of awesome people in my hall, and I've just been kickin' back in my dorm room. You know, I was sorta scared that my roommate was going to be an whack ass, but I got lucky. He's a pretty cool kid, and we get along very well, and his name (Jon) is as whitely generic as it gets. His dad is also the owner of Paddock Pools. I'm going to get pool supplies for cheap now.

My classes have been flowing at the moment, and my teachers here are pretty boss. I love my chemistry teacher, and my math teacher reminds me of a Mr. Gibson type person, so it's all good.

My mom is going to come tomorrow and take me out to lunch. This should be fun. I have now officially taken the place of my brother.

I went to another Kucinich rally, and I brought a bunch of friends from down the hall. They enjoyed it a lot, and I think it may have skewed them in their beliefs. Word to that.

This is going to be a short entry mainly because it's Friday night and I'm going to go out and do something instead of typing on this computer screen. I just kinda wanted to make a little update because my site was screwed up the past few days. Word out.

I say word too much. I'm going to try and stop saying it because I'm pretty sure it's annoying.

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January 09, 2004

just a quiet peaceful dance.

See, this week I realized that Saved by the Bell plays on TBS from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM every weekday and I've been watching it everyday. I never really realized how whack their problems in high school were. I just remember watching that show and being like "they're old, they do big people things."

One of the episodes that played yesterday was about the costume ball that Zack wanted to take Kelly to as Romeo and Juliet. Kelly didn't want to go because her family was lacking in money, so Zack offered to buy the costumes while she went out to find a job.

What other place is there to work other than the Max?

Yeah, so Kelly works at the Max, and she starts to like Jeff, her boss, and he too, starts to like her. (On a side note, who wouldn't like her in the early nineties?) Kelly starts to feel guilty that Zack is doing all this stuff for her and she starts to somewhat avoid him.

At the ball, Kelly stays off to the side and looks like she's feeling guilty, and when Zack and Kelly win king and queen of the ball, Kelly refers to Zack as Jeff on accident. He seems somewhat sad or mad, and so they go outside to talk.

By the time they are outside, Kelly is practically in tears because she knows she is going to break Zack's heart.

*some quotes may be inaccurate*

Zack: "I thought you loved me."
Kelly: "I do... but... I don't... I don't know."
Zack: "I thought we'd be together forever."
Kelly: "Can we still be friends?"
Zack: "Forever."

Zack: "How about one last dance?"
Kelly: "I'd like that."

Man, how much would that suck? You're in love with someone and they end up just quickly falling for someone else. If I was Zack, I'd be crying for days.

You know what I really liked about that scene though? It's how they had one last dance. For some reason, I liked that. It seemed very fitting. It also kinda reminds me of the Rage lyric that comes right after my favorite Rage lyric of all time:

"Just a quiet peaceful dance, for the things we never had."

I've listened to that song for close to eight years. And to this day, it still boggles the living crap out of me. I can't understand what it means because the whole song is political until this last line that ends off the song. Was Zack getting emotional about a past relationship or something and just had to add it in there? Is he using some sort of metaphor and it's actually political? I suppose those questions shall stay unanswered. Whatever the case, it's a freakin' powerful line.

I'm going to see Julia tomorrow. I haven't seen her since the wee hours of May 29, 2003 when she came over at one in the morning and we sat there and talked about all the stuff we used to talk about, like our old group, all the people that piss us off, the future, etc. Wow, it's pretty damn weird thinking about that night.

So it's been 225 days since I've seen her.

Two-hundred twenty-sixth time is a charm.

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January 07, 2004

what kind of a kid knows and writes about prince edward island?

Me. That's who.

I was looking at things in my grandmother's room, and I found some stories that I wrote in probably second or third grade. The first one that I read, titled "The Adventures of Nathan and Jack", was based on two true people, but was very surreal in content. It's about my two best friends from Liberty Elementary, and that's all I'm going to say because the rest is just so stupid to type. If you ever want to read it, just tell me.

The next book that I came across was titled "The Long Trip." Apparently, in this book, three children, named Swax, Xavier, and Zota (seriously, if I were the teacher, I would have beat me with a frogstick for giving the kids those names), stumbled upon a contest. See, this wasn't any normal contest; the kids had to make it to Phoenix, Arizona by 1:52 PM on July 24, 1996. See, that's my birthday, and that's the time I was born. I was really original. Now, to even make this story even stupider, I had to make the kids start from a very far town. They live in Barrow, Alaska. Seriously though, what eight-year-olds know about Barrow, Alaska, and why would he/she write about it? And also, who the hell even lives there?

Yeah, and even with all this to say about the story, there's more. The kids left their house on July 21 at some specific time that I don't remember, and they encounter like a problem wherever they go. And every time they do, I tell the reader exactly how long it cost them, and what day and time it is right now. It's pretty annoying. The worst part is that the story doesn't end. I suppose I was in the process of writing it and I just got bored and realized that it's a stupid story.

The last story that I read was called "The People Who Were Trying to Get a Treasure Chest." Interestingly enough, the first line of the story featured the title. The treasure chest map that they found had an X on Prince Edward Island. What kind of a kid am I?

Alright, so enough about those stupid stories. Today, I went over to my mom's house (which really isn't her house now because she just stays at my "dad's house" all the time) and I picked up the computer that she's had there. I've had a bunch of saved conversations and random things from Sophomore year on there that I've wanted to look at and keep. The problem is, the computer doesn't run properly and I have to find a different way to get on that computer. But once I do, I'm going to post some of the random things I find on there.

That kid probably seemed pretty tasty to that bird thing.

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January 05, 2004

'tis been a while.

So 2004 has started and all that good stuff. I'd have to say that it started with a bang.

Nick, Alex, Eamon and I were walking around the Tempe Block Party on New Year's Eve and we were trying to find a way in without paying. We ended up talking to some girls who were looking out some window. They started calling Nick "Bruce" and me "Seth" and we asked them if we could come up. Of all the answers they could have given us, they responded with "we don't know how to get up here."

That made no sense.

We ran around the underground garage to find a way up to the condo or a way up into the block party. We failed on both. The girls said they would come down and show us up in half an hour, but we just left and paid our way into the block party and did whatever the heck you do on New Year's Eve.

I laid my eyes on Pottypalooza about fifteen minutes before 2003 ended. That was freakin' awesome.

But anyway, we celebrated the new year and ate at Quizno's and then made our walk back to my car around 1 AM. Surprisingly, those girls that we were shouting at a bunch of hours earlier randomly yelled at us when we were walking through Mill and Fourth and Nick and I talked to them for a bit. They apparently go to Yavapai Community College and live in Prescott. When I asked them if they have lived there all their life, they answered in the affirmative. The girls commented on how me and Nick didn't have any beads and I told them I haven't flashed anyone recently or anything like that. I suppose they took that offensively, because they had tons of beads around their neck, but I really didn't mean it that way. I asked for some beads but they told me I had to "flash my junk" to get them. First of all, I said, it's by no means junk, and second of all, I sure as hell am not flashing it. Regardless, the nice girl gave me some beads for being comical and we were off.

Off to yell obscenities at drunk pedestrians.

Nick and Alex had quite a lot of fun yelling stuff at people walking on the side of the street. One kid hit his head on a tree.

That's it for the celebration.

I've realized that I've almost started to dislike something that I once used to love. But you know what I'm always going to like? Cards. And I played it all night tonight with Greg, Colin, Braden, and Chris. I really miss Jacques's French deck of cards with the Roi, Dame, and Valet instead of the King, Queen, and Jack. I got so used to using those cards in high school that I almost had a hard time looking at K's, Q's, and J's.

Tennessee at New England. Saturday. Wow, it would be an ugly sight if I was going to be in Boston on Saturday. I love the NFL Playoffs.

Konnor played with my hair today and then tried to eat it.

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