22 Dec 2008 @ 3:44 PM 

today is my last day before i head home for the holidays. and you know what’s cool? i’m actually legitimately sad that i’m leaving seattle. after all these months, i’ve finally made enough great friends and done some pretty awesome things to really finally call this place home. and it makes me really excited. i haven’t had a home really for like eighteen months. and to be honest, that’s what i was kinda trying to accomplish when i came here; to see if i could move off to a random town with nothing and somehow build up my life from scratch. word. life is good.

i am listening to mariah carey’s always be my baby right now. this reminds me of traveling to europe. me and keenan had a handful of songs we sung while strolling the streets and this was one of them. some of the others were michael jackson‘s heal the world (though keenan wanted to kill me for singing that after a while), tool’s vicarious, a perfect circle’s judith, and daniel powter’s bad day (though i wanted to kill keenan for singing that after a while). there were a lot more stupid songs we sung, mainly really bad pop songs.

this whole weekend, it snowed here and the city shut down again. i was pretty much stuck in capitol hill all weekend, but it provided for lots of great entertainment. we had sleepovers galore and i got to witness some intense making out happening in the couch right next to me! i also spent like hours on buses because that was the only way i could get places (though i didn’t feel all too safe). i even got to watch the titans slaughter the steelers and got the last laugh among all the steelers fans who were heckling me the whole game (which was really annoying because i wasn’t doing anything to provoke them, haha). all in all, a great weekend. now i’m getting ready to head outta here. how sad.

the holidays in the desert though will definitely not disappoint. aj and chris are both gonna be here for the break, which i’m incredibly excited for. even adam shalom is coming back to town and me, him and vinay are gonna jam for old times sake. haha. it’s probably been like five years since adam came over to my house. once a fatdam, always a fatdam. my parents will probably also freak out that he’s coming over.

wow. i am really, really excited right now. i should stop typing about going home for break. i’m gonna start packing stuff right now. see you next year, seattle (hopefully with no snow, so i can actually get places).

What was Harry Truman’s middle name?


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