22 Dec 2008 @ 3:44 PM 

today is my last day before i head home for the holidays. and you know what’s cool? i’m actually legitimately sad that i’m leaving seattle. after all these months, i’ve finally made enough great friends and done some pretty awesome things to really finally call this place home. and it makes me really excited. i haven’t had a home really for like eighteen months. and to be honest, that’s what i was kinda trying to accomplish when i came here; to see if i could move off to a random town with nothing and somehow build up my life from scratch. word. life is good.

i am listening to mariah carey’s always be my baby right now. this reminds me of traveling to europe. me and keenan had a handful of songs we sung while strolling the streets and this was one of them. some of the others were michael jackson‘s heal the world (though keenan wanted to kill me for singing that after a while), tool’s vicarious, a perfect circle’s judith, and daniel powter’s bad day (though i wanted to kill keenan for singing that after a while). there were a lot more stupid songs we sung, mainly really bad pop songs.

this whole weekend, it snowed here and the city shut down again. i was pretty much stuck in capitol hill all weekend, but it provided for lots of great entertainment. we had sleepovers galore and i got to witness some intense making out happening in the couch right next to me! i also spent like hours on buses because that was the only way i could get places (though i didn’t feel all too safe). i even got to watch the titans slaughter the steelers and got the last laugh among all the steelers fans who were heckling me the whole game (which was really annoying because i wasn’t doing anything to provoke them, haha). all in all, a great weekend. now i’m getting ready to head outta here. how sad.

the holidays in the desert though will definitely not disappoint. aj and chris are both gonna be here for the break, which i’m incredibly excited for. even adam shalom is coming back to town and me, him and vinay are gonna jam for old times sake. haha. it’s probably been like five years since adam came over to my house. once a fatdam, always a fatdam. my parents will probably also freak out that he’s coming over.

wow. i am really, really excited right now. i should stop typing about going home for break. i’m gonna start packing stuff right now. see you next year, seattle (hopefully with no snow, so i can actually get places).

What was Harry Truman’s middle name?


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 19 Dec 2008 @ 11:31 AM 

so i’ve been in falling snow a few times. most of the time i was on a mountain skiing or snowboarding, but in boston i was in a blizzard where two feet fell and during my senior year, a few inches fell in tucson. but yesterday was definitely a first for me. i had a snow day. i didn’t have to go to work because the snow closed my way to work. and it did it today too. now, it would be all fun and games, except i had to get my car towed home because i tried to make it to work but couldn’t. that wasn’t so hot.

when i left for work, there was probably half an inch on the ground so at that time, i should have just decided not to leave. but since i’ve driven in snow only a few times, i really wanted to have some fun. only when i was on the freeway and realizing the roads still weren’t clear, i made the decision to turn around. but it was too late. there were a few close calls where i practically started driving on a sidewalk or was sliding sideways down a hill for a few feet, but i continued on until the ultimate stop. when trying to go from the 405 to I-90 east there’s kind of a big hill that you have to go over. consequently, a couple cars didn’t make it up, but drew traction lines toward their ditch off the road. when i tried to go up the hill, i followed their traction lines and i couldn’t make it up either. so i backed up into a tunnel that we had to go through and camped out there for a while. and after some time when i realized the only way i can get out of here would be to call a towing company, i called one up and they said it would be around one and a half to two hours.

only thirty minutes went by until a truck came up behind me and said he was supposed to tow a silver corolla and i got hella excited. i only had to wait thirty minutes. he towed me all the way to my freeway exit and plopped me down in a parking lot. it was pretty expensive, but at least i made my way home.

about three hours later, i got a call from the towing company that i called. they said they were under the tunnel and they can’t find me. so that’s when it hit me. when the dude who towed me said he was looking for a silver corolla, he was actually looking for a different silver corolla, most likely the one sitting in a ditch. oh well. i took someone else’s tow and made it home pretty fast. and got to play in the snow. and now i don’t have work today either. so it looks like i ended up getting the long end of the stick. like i’ve always said, white things are always better. and snow is not an exception.

when i asked what your favorite thing about my new site is, two people answered “my butt”. i really want to know who those two people were. just for statistical reasons.

In what year did the movies Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and Forrest Gump all debut?


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 15 Dec 2008 @ 12:20 AM 

i went to oregon yesterday on a random road trip. the plan was to drive to a drive-thru safari two-thirds of the way into oregon. to be honest, the safari was probably the most lame part of the whole trip because there were no animals. except gemsbok. we also stopped in portland at a place called the acropolis, which used to be just a steakhouse, but since the zoning restrictions were lifted in portland, they added a strip bar to it (there are a lot of places in portland that have done this). all in all, the road trip was good fun. and since i hadn’t slept the night before, i was loopy as all hell and laughing at just about everything. like gemsbok. i also got my first speeding ticket. but it was total bullshit. oh well. i still had a fun time cruising around oregon.

i have noticed that a lot of you don’t actually comment on my blog entries, but you send me secret messages to me via trivia answers. some of you have middle names that are actually things you want to tell me about your life, some of you just send a trivia answer that’s a “hey what’s going on, nice site!” or some of you just straight up try and humor me with your name and answer. i think people like to remain anonymous to the rest of the world, so that’s why i get comments via the trivia submission instead of through the blog comments. haha, oh well, i find it very humorous. especially the person who put their name on the holy roman empire question as “antarctica” and their answer as “antarctica (i rule)”. whoever submitted that, i would like to know. i found it to be pretty freakin’ funny.

it snowed in seattle yesterday. apparently, it only snows a few times a year here so i may have seen my last snow of the season in the city. i tried driving around in capitol hill the morning after and a bunch of the roads going up the hills were sheets of ice. i was about half way up one of the hills and my car couldn’t get the traction it needed to finish going up the hill so i had a little fun sliding back down the hill into the main street. luckily it was 9 AM on a sunday morning so really no one was out on the streets. except for this bum peeing on the side of the street who watched me slide down the hill while he was urinating.

i thought i had a bunch to write about since i haven’t blogged for a while, but i’m actually just really tired and i probably should catch up on some sleep. so i’ll end this entry with this:

me (11:06 PM): gemsbok.
amy (11:06 PM): what the hell does that mean
me (11:07 PM): zinc fingers.

What is the longest word that contains just a single vowel?


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