06 Dec 2008 @ 11:14 AM 

i was walking around downtown today, and guess who i ran into? none other than your friend and mine, delilah. if any of you don’t know who delilah is, your life is just not as cool. but anyway, her voice on a loudspeaker is just as sensual as when you hear it on the radio at 10:00 PM.

there was some sort of festival or carnival going on downtown and i think they were trying to raise money for needy people because there were a lot of salvation army people all over the place. and delilah kept talking about the holiday season of giving, so i figured that it was some sort of fund raiser (then again, she always talks about really sappy shit). anyway, i was just walking through downtown to get to a mcdonald’s because i was a little hungry. when i walked in, i planned on ordering two things from the dollar menu, but i realized i had only 11 cents in my pocket (along with dollar bills) and the figured the tax was gonna be more than 11 cents. there was no way in hell i was gonna break a dollar bill for a few cents, because change is as good as nothing. and in the words of one of my best friends, “i punt pennies.”

so i had to come up with another plan. i figured that since there were so many people walking around downtown, there had to be some change lying around. all i needed was a dime. after walking about three blocks, i saw a shiny silver piece on the ground staring right at me. and as i heard all those salvation army bells ringing and all the homeless people whimpering, i basically said “yep, this money is going to the state of washington!” and so it did. i deemed those ten cents necessary for my tummy.

also, just a quick thing about my blog: i’m not gonna accept multiple answers for trivia questions. your first answer is the only one i’m gonna accept. and also, if you don’t want to type in your information all the time when you want to comment, you can create an account on my site by using the start menu and clicking “register an account.”

oh yeah, and also, this stupid plugin won’t allow more than one poll on a page unless it’s in the sidebar. so that’s where the polls are gonna be from now on, and i will still continue to add a poll every time i make a blog post.

How many different languages are on the Rosetta Stone?


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