31 Mar 2009 @ 6:38 PM 

the last time that my brother hit an age milestone, i did a little tribute – since he was turning 25 then, i posted 25 memories of my brother and i. i could compile a list of 30 memories this time, but that would mean that i couldn’t copy some of the ones that i put up before, and some of those are the best memories we’ve had. and also because i don’t have a billion hours to sit on the internet, i’m gonna just type five more memories so we can just add on to the list i made before (in chronological order, with my age in parentheses). so here it goes.

26. jogi keeps popping out more kids (19 and 21 years) – it’s because of this that i’m scared i’m extremely potent and i’m gonna start popping out insane amounts of children.

27. jogi goes to visit sunil in hawaii (19 years) – though i would have rather gone to kauai or the big island, i hopped the islands to maui to hang out with my brother. we drove the road to hana and screwed around on a black sand beach. oh yeah, and marveled at the banyan tree in lahaina.

28. sunil turns twenty-one (21 years) – even though he had kids to take care of, he joined me on twenty-four hours of debauchery. sadly, my night didn’t end like his twenty-first birthday.

29. sunil graduates from college (22 years) – just like seven years before, and in the same place, i threw a bunch of tortillas like my brother told me to.

30. jogi and sunil are both newly single (23 years) – for the first time in many, many moons, we were both single and living in the same town. and it was pretty amazing to finally be able to hang out with my brother all the time, almost to the point that i didn’t want to make my move to seattle. we started going out to bars together and even went to the gym together. and now he hangs out with all my college friends.

maybe in five years, i’ll type five more. we’ll see. thirty is really old. shit. i’m almost twenty-five. that’s like grandparent status.

March 31 is celebrated in some US states as a holiday remembering what civil rights leader?


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 11 Dec 2008 @ 1:20 AM 

so i’ve been reading a pretty sweet book called zero: the biography of a dangerous idea. it’s about how the number zero wasn’t accepted for thousands of years and how that caused problems in different societies. it also touched up on something that i’ve thought about for a really long time.

i’m gonna preface this with something my brother said to one of my friends, who was pretty much the only math major friend that i had. (if you knew the other math majors at my school you would know why. there was this girl math major that looked like my friend’s brother. yes. brother. there was also a russian guy who looked like a rat and smelled like 100 packs of cigarettes. and we also can’t forget mr. jeremiah rounds. he was very round.) anyway, my brother asked my friend “what is there to talk about with math? like if you’re a political science major, you have lots to discuss with your friends, or if you’re a psychology major, there are all sorts of studies you can discuss, etc. but with math, what can you really discuss?” my friend continued on by saying there are a bunch of things to discuss. but i didn’t really listen. because i kinda agree with my brother. to a certain extent.

there is one thing that i love discussing about math. and that is division by zero. in a field that is so concrete and based on truths that transcend our physical world, there is but one thing that we have not been able to define. and that is the division by zero. it’s seemingly where all of our logic fails and symbolizes the mere fact that our research is not over. that there’s still one problem to solve. and will we ever solve it? probably not. that’s the beauty of it. we have agreed to disagree with division by zero. (by the way, anything divided by zero actually equals 42.)

Name the artist and song title (one point for each, two points total).


If the embedded music doesn’t work, click here to listen.

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