09 Dec 2008 @ 12:20 AM 

i usually can’t stand it when people type double question marks for no apparent reason. there are some people who type these incessantly (notably, someone i lived with all throughout college) and there are some people who distinguish between a one question mark question and a double question mark question. i am part of the latter group. take a look at this conversation:

erin (9:18:49 PM): Hey all – Just a quick reminder that Short Story Group is meeting tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, Six Arms, 6:30. Perhaps with a migration afterwards to see Nicole’s band, Million Dollar Nile, perform at Nectar?? You decide. Hope you all are having a reasonable Monday.
erin (9:18:59 PM): there were *two* question marks
me (9:19:04 PM): oh yeah.
me (9:19:06 PM): i know what that means.
me (9:19:14 PM): he’s trying to nudge people to go.
erin (9:19:22 PM): but he himself is going to trivia??
me (9:19:25 PM): he’s uneasy about the plan of going himself.
erin (9:19:30 PM): (notice i used two question marks. that should tell you something)
me (9:19:35 PM): but if he gets enough people to go to nectar, he will go there.
erin (9:19:53 PM): but what about his <3 for trivia?
me (9:20:07 PM): do you think that’s a reasonable explaination for the double question marks?
erin (9:20:25 PM): this is the best conversation i’ve had all day.

what do you think? by the way, this conversation ended with:

“hahahaha omg i have been hanging around sunil too much.. i’m starting to make jokes that don’t make any sense!”

i have found out that it’s a general consensus that people think i make no sense. i hate all of you. haha.

The Holy Roman Empire was composed mainly of what present-day country?


Posted By: Sunil
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  1. Amy says:

    So what is the deal with two question marks??

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