04 Dec 2008 @ 12:31 PM 

so after all this time, i have decided to start my webpage up again. now i understand that about 95% of you guys think that i’m just gonna update this thing for like a few weeks and then i’ll stop, because that’s what i always do. and maybe i really have nothing to offer you that will make you think otherwise, but i’m gonna try and keep this going for a while. i spent a shitload of time coding some of the things that i needed to use for this so if i just used it for a few weeks, i pretty much wasted a bunch of my time. and hey, the more constant traffic that i get here, the more inclined i’ll be to keep updating it. if i haven’t updated for a while and you bug me to update again, that could also work (but moreso if you’re a hot girl than if you’re greg benezra).

alright, so the things that are gonna be different about this blog than the one in the past. first off, as you probably have seen, there are random links scattered all around the entry. this idea came from one of our best friends and certified idiot, christopher spencer. so, all throughout the entries, certain words or phrases will remind me of something and i’ll link to it. something that’s not different from the last blog is that there is still going to be a picture in every entry. and it will be in the same place that it was before. there are two more things that i have added along with the links and picture in every entry. there’s also going to be a poll in every entry, so make sure that you vote in all of them, and there’s also going to be a trivia question. now, i know that everyone can easily cheat, i’m just hoping that there’s really no reason for you to cheat on stupid random trivia on my website. anyway, if i feel that people are being truthful and not cheating on the trivia game, i am willing to send out a prize to the person who has the most points at the end of the each month (keep in mind, this prize is probably going to be ridiculous and worth less than five dollars).

now, you guys may not know how this page works since there aren’t links all over the place for the archives and what not. the theme that i’m using for my blog was made by a guy who modeled it after a popular operating system. so, if you want to visit the monthly archives, you click the start button and click monthly archives. if you wanna search via categories or tagged phrases, you can do that too. you can also change the background theme by clicking “change theme…” in the start menu. basically, just screw around with everything and you’ll find out. the blog rss and comment rss buttons at the bottom are there if you want to subscribe to my blog. since i’ve never bookmarked a page in my life, i don’t expect you guys to do the same.

anyway, now that i have explained to you what going on here, i kinda want to put a quick excerpt of actual blog (and remember, not all blog entries are gonna be philosophical):

many of you know my grandfather passed away two days ago. a lot of people that have known me for a really long time have definitely met and probably known my grandfather really well. it’s just weird to know he’s not around anymore, since he was practically always around since the time i was born. but hey, that’s just how life is. if any of you guys have my mom’s phone number or something, you should give her a call. or skype her. she’s on that. haha.

and in somewhat unrelated fashion (even though it’s gonna sound related, but it’s not), there’s a reason as to why i have started my blog today. as most of you know, i’m obsessed with dates, so this one has some importance. what’s important is not what happened, but to just know that there are some moments in your life that can change your life forever. one moment could be the difference between being homeless and vagabonding around the world to being a professional like a doctor or a lawyer and living in a comfortable three million dollar home.

so now a conclusion? someone else has already said it best. so if you can’t top it, steal from them and go out strong…

i have returned.”

What is the least used letter in the English Language?


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  1. MpXnpio says:

    Nice blogs, can I buy you a drink? I have doubts that you will keep it up though. Prove me wrong. And PS – I’m not a certified idiot.

  2. candice says:

    Laughed when i saw this post on facebook! Had to check it out for old memories. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, he was soo cute :) Remember that time you, chris, mike and some others walked in on him in the living watching porn. lol

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