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at this present moment, i am sitting in a room about the size of my closet in seattle, filled with about ten asians. i can’t understand a word any of them are saying, and i probably stand out more here than i ever have in the usa. so i have resorted to blogging, and here it goes:

once we were done with our mini-road trip, we spent a few days relaxing in the really, really hot arizona sun. i didn’t think that my family would allow sigma to stay at their house (mainly because my whole family is afraid of animals), but surprisingly, my dad was accepting of it. and by the end of sigma’s stay, even my dad wanted to say goodbye to his new friend. sigma is a social butterfly; she makes friends well!

we used our time in phoenix mainly to prepare for the long road ahead of us. there was a lot of time spent unloading cars and packing backpacks and other totally uneventful stuff. but we also got to hang out with a few of my friends to keep us from going crazy. but when it was finally time to leave arizona, we headed to our first of many legs of public transportation: the greyhound to los angeles.

if you have lived your whole life in the united states and you have some resemblance of money, chances are that you haven’t been on a greyhound. and it’s probably a good thing, too. we appeared at the station at 1 AM, about an hour before our bus was to leave. it came about an hour late, and we were forced to sit on a very dirty floor (my pants would stick to it when i tried to get us) with a lot of completely crazy people all around us (there was upwards of 15 people in there with jailhouse tattoos). so once our bus came, it was greeted with much applause by us.

on the other end of the greyhound ride was the los angeles bus station. it was not any bit more classy than the phoenix station, as in the women’s bathroom, someone was washing their clothes in a toilet (or so robin says). we were pretty much done with greyhounds and made our way to eat lunch at philippe’s and hang out with robin’s uncle and aunt.

with gary and julie and their kid ayden, we went around santa monica pier and got a great breath of fresh ocean air. and after the pier, at their place, we were greeted with much alcohol and food as we chatted it up about all sorts of stories from robin’s family. julie even managed to lose her drink, which we were not able to find even though there really wasn’t many places for it to go, and we all had a great time. from there, we were off to roscoe’s with my longest tenured friend, adam.

it is pretty much a necessity for me to go to roscoe’s chicken and waffles with adam every time i visit him, and this was no exception. robin got to experience the immaculate combination of chicken and waffles and also got to nap while me and adam and some of his friends played on his wii for a while until we continued our quest. our next stop was to hang out with shannon in downtown los angeles.

shannon, robin and i grabbed a drink at a very exquisite marriott and had some great chats about life. we then went to her place and played with her adorable dog while he peed all over the place and put stuffed animals the size of its body in his mouth. we stayed the night there, and by the time we woke up, it was pretty much our time to get ready and leave for the airport. our trip was about to officially begin.

the airport experience went fairly smoothly and within a few hours, we were ready to board our plane. since we needed to readjust to the time difference, it was advantageous to stay up during the whole flight (or only take a short nap), and it was pretty easy to do just that because of the loads of inflight entertainment. i also drank all sorts of free liquor to maintain a buzz for about half the flight. and when the 13 hour flight concluded, we had to hop on another flight, so our traveling kinda felt like one punch in the face after another.

at about 2330 local time, we had finally made it to hong kong, our first real destination. we both were like zombies who had been up for way too long, and somehow figured out our way to our hostel using a combination of a train and a taxi. i had heard so much about how amazing this city is and i’m pretty excited to see what it’s all about after robin is done showering and we can go explore, but my impression right now really reminds me of india in the early nineties. it’s also so muggy outside that the laptop cover fogged up. oh well, it’s still time to explore all that is hong kong! seven million asians, here we come!

In what year was Hong Kong transferred to China?


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  1. Christopher says:

    So very jealous, I am.

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