17 Mar 2009 @ 10:37 PM 

so yeah, yeah, i know, i dropped the ball on updating. i just got an apartment, my parents came out, and i haven’t really had some nice time to sit at home and just blog for a while. but i thought i’d update you a little on what’s going on in sunil world.

i moved into a new studio apartment on march 1. it’s the one that’s headed by the great haidar. it’s been quite a while since i’ve had my own place, and it’s definitely nice. still, i don’t have a bed (even though it’s supposed to be delivered to my place on sunday) and any other furniture, but these are all things that will happen in due time.

my family came out to visit me in seattle about a week ago, and we had somewhat of a blast. haha. we went to vancouver and victoria along with hanging around seattle for a bit. they stayed with some family out in bothell, which is like half an hour away from the city, and that was pretty annoying. when we were in canada, my brother bought a cuban cigar, but he didn’t end up smoking it all before we got to the border. he noticed it was on his dash as he was driving up to the border check, so about 300 meters from the border, he just chucked the cigar out the window. what a waste.

i’m having a hard time thinking about things to blog about. ever since i got a job and haven’t had so much time to sit around and waste, it seems like i have nothing exciting to share or whatever. hmm. i guess that’s how it is. oh, well, i have a stupid work story to share. so there’s a pepper grinder in the break room that’s about the size of a standard ketchup bottle. the grinder has a cap on it and is usually stored with the grinder-side facing up. one day when i was taking a 15-minute break, i ground pepper with the cap on for fifteen minutes. and then just left the bottle there for the next person to pick it up. and since i find humor in such childish things, boy did i get humor out of this.

as you can see, i probably don’t have anything to talk about that people want to hear about. i’ll still give you some trivia, random links and a poll. maybe i’ll have something sweet to talk about soon.

What was the last American colony to ratify the Constitution?


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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I do a thing called Fresh Ground Pepper. On the first friday of every month. Like art shit

  2. Robin says:

    Without your pesky girlfriend to take up all your time, I thought there would be more blog updating… I have to say, I am sorely disappointed.

  3. Amy says:

    What the heck is this picture? I feel like its man parts squished up in shorts that are too tight…

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