11 Feb 2009 @ 11:10 PM 

the title says it all. i have returned. from a really long ass hiatus. i’ve been without a computer for so long, i kinda forgot what i even did on here to blow my time. but i’m pretty sure it won’t take that long to remember how i used to waste five hours of a day just sitting on wikipedia looking at random shit or using stumble upon to find ridiculous webpages. or of course, to begin updating this blog again and continue my promise to regularly update this (which i still will, the me-without-a-computer period doesn’t count).

so i’m going to new orleans this weekend for the mardi gras celebration. when i was getting donuts before work the other day, there was some black dude hanging out outside the shop and told me that he would watch my car and make sure i wouldn’t get a ticket, and if i did, he’d pay for it. this obviously didn’t make any sense to me because the guy looked like he was poor as shit, so i started talking to him about why he was literally telling everyone who was parking on the street that he would watch their car and make sure the meter maid didn’t ticket them. well, in the half and hour conversation i had with this bum, i found out he was from new orleans and that he’s going back this weekend. we also exchanged phone numbers. i’m probably not going to call him when i’m there.

also, in other traveling news, i’m planning on driving up to alaska this summer. i’ve kinda wanted to do this for a pretty long time but just not actually gone and done it. but this is happening for sure. there’s a place in fairbanks that has a room that they set to -40 degrees (celsius or fahrenheit) and you can pay them to go around and play in it. they even give you a bucket of water that you can throw when you’re in there to see what happens to the water!

in some more traveling news, i plan on living this winter at the south pole. more info about that later.

so, since it’s been some time, i’m gonna show the trivia standings. here they are:

jon rolling – 7.5
sanjog gopal – 4.5
nathan burkhart – 4
erin zaletel – 4
amy smith – 3
adam smith – 2
aj belshe – 2
maia hoelzinger – 2
chris spencer – 1
greg benezra – 1
sean bell – 1
jaclyn backhaus – .5
darren nakamura – .5
cassie fronzo – .5

i’ve decided that i’ll mail someone a prize once they reach 13 points, and at that point, i’ll reset the scores and start again. and then the first to get 13 after the reset will get a prize. and so on and so forth. so it’s still anyone’s game. i’ll post the answers to the questions once someone reaches 13.

anyway, i think that’s all for now folks. i’ll try and update at least once a week since i work now and don’t have as much free time as i used to.

In what year was the first U.S. Census?


Bonus Question: Whose mouth is that in the picture? And from what movie? (1 point each):


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  1. Erin says:

    sunil, when tallying the trivia points, did you count it *against* me when i said i still didn’t know the answer even though i was at trivia when they asked that question? because that wasn’t a legitimate guess, and it should not have counted against me.

    on a similar note, is this scored like the SAT? if i don’t know, i’m better off not guessing? (:

    please respond. this is important. i don’t think i will guess a year if i am going to lose a quarter of a point for being wrong. years are hard ones.

  2. jaclyn says:

    you could meet my aunt when you go to alaska. she looks like you and lives in wasilla.

  3. Sunil says:

    i am pretty sure that there are no indians in alaska. they are scared of large latitude numbers.

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