25 Jan 2009 @ 8:42 PM 

alright, so i know that a bunch of you just thought that i got website a.d.d. and stopped updating my website, but the truth is, i really wanted to, but couldn’t.  about three weeks ago, my computer’s motherboard died and i have been computer-less since.  i even ordered a new computer and it’s taking them still two more weeks for them to ship it to me.  so this will be my only post until i finally get a computer.  and i promise that when i get a computer, i’ll start updating again.

since i last updated, there have been a few changes in my life. i have a new girlfriend now, and things are going well. my job is flowing nicely and i might even be able to score myself a promotion in the next month. and to top things off, i should be able to move into my own place by march! so all in all, everything is pretty exciting now.

in three weeks, around the time that i actually get a new computer, i’m going to be heading to new orleans with greg for mardi gras. i’m thinking that we need to get some wacky costumes to wear there to fit in. you know, something that’s gonna make us stand out as the coolest kids that side of the mississippi. so i ask you readers, what should me and greg dress up as for mardi gras?

so at work the other day, i reinforced the idea that i’m not able to poop in a stall next to someone that’s pooping. back in the dorms, this situation happened and i heard the other person’s plop, and i uncontrollably laughed until the other person got the fuck out of the bathroom because he thought that my laugh was going to pierce his skull, and others from the hall came in to ask me what the hell was going on in there. and just a few days ago, i was pooping next to someone that was pooping and i was trying my hardest to not break out in laughter. but after a little bit, i heard the man start to make barfing sounds, and that was the last straw. there was only 30 seconds until i would break out into uncontrollable laughter so i got the hell out of there as fast as i could. and now i vow to never poop next to someone ever again.

you know, on that note, i think i’m gonna leave. see you guys again when i finally have a computer.

Who is the only U.S. President that was sworn in by a woman?


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  1. Amy says:

    Hey. Okay. So I have to say… you promised me that you would make a link so after we answered the trivia we could get back to the blog. And guess what… you still haven’t done that for me. I know you have a gf and you are all busy now.. but come on, give me my button. :)

    I am still sad I’m not hitting the Big Easy with you. I hope you have fun.

    I look forward to you getting a new computer. What did you get? Dell? Mac? something else?


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