19 Dec 2008 @ 11:31 AM 

so i’ve been in falling snow a few times. most of the time i was on a mountain skiing or snowboarding, but in boston i was in a blizzard where two feet fell and during my senior year, a few inches fell in tucson. but yesterday was definitely a first for me. i had a snow day. i didn’t have to go to work because the snow closed my way to work. and it did it today too. now, it would be all fun and games, except i had to get my car towed home because i tried to make it to work but couldn’t. that wasn’t so hot.

when i left for work, there was probably half an inch on the ground so at that time, i should have just decided not to leave. but since i’ve driven in snow only a few times, i really wanted to have some fun. only when i was on the freeway and realizing the roads still weren’t clear, i made the decision to turn around. but it was too late. there were a few close calls where i practically started driving on a sidewalk or was sliding sideways down a hill for a few feet, but i continued on until the ultimate stop. when trying to go from the 405 to I-90 east there’s kind of a big hill that you have to go over. consequently, a couple cars didn’t make it up, but drew traction lines toward their ditch off the road. when i tried to go up the hill, i followed their traction lines and i couldn’t make it up either. so i backed up into a tunnel that we had to go through and camped out there for a while. and after some time when i realized the only way i can get out of here would be to call a towing company, i called one up and they said it would be around one and a half to two hours.

only thirty minutes went by until a truck came up behind me and said he was supposed to tow a silver corolla and i got hella excited. i only had to wait thirty minutes. he towed me all the way to my freeway exit and plopped me down in a parking lot. it was pretty expensive, but at least i made my way home.

about three hours later, i got a call from the towing company that i called. they said they were under the tunnel and they can’t find me. so that’s when it hit me. when the dude who towed me said he was looking for a silver corolla, he was actually looking for a different silver corolla, most likely the one sitting in a ditch. oh well. i took someone else’s tow and made it home pretty fast. and got to play in the snow. and now i don’t have work today either. so it looks like i ended up getting the long end of the stick. like i’ve always said, white things are always better. and snow is not an exception.

when i asked what your favorite thing about my new site is, two people answered “my butt”. i really want to know who those two people were. just for statistical reasons.

In what year did the movies Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and Forrest Gump all debut?


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