17 Mar 2009 @ 10:37 PM 

so yeah, yeah, i know, i dropped the ball on updating. i just got an apartment, my parents came out, and i haven’t really had some nice time to sit at home and just blog for a while. but i thought i’d update you a little on what’s going on in sunil world.

i moved into a new studio apartment on march 1. it’s the one that’s headed by the great haidar. it’s been quite a while since i’ve had my own place, and it’s definitely nice. still, i don’t have a bed (even though it’s supposed to be delivered to my place on sunday) and any other furniture, but these are all things that will happen in due time.

my family came out to visit me in seattle about a week ago, and we had somewhat of a blast. haha. we went to vancouver and victoria along with hanging around seattle for a bit. they stayed with some family out in bothell, which is like half an hour away from the city, and that was pretty annoying. when we were in canada, my brother bought a cuban cigar, but he didn’t end up smoking it all before we got to the border. he noticed it was on his dash as he was driving up to the border check, so about 300 meters from the border, he just chucked the cigar out the window. what a waste.

i’m having a hard time thinking about things to blog about. ever since i got a job and haven’t had so much time to sit around and waste, it seems like i have nothing exciting to share or whatever. hmm. i guess that’s how it is. oh, well, i have a stupid work story to share. so there’s a pepper grinder in the break room that’s about the size of a standard ketchup bottle. the grinder has a cap on it and is usually stored with the grinder-side facing up. one day when i was taking a 15-minute break, i ground pepper with the cap on for fifteen minutes. and then just left the bottle there for the next person to pick it up. and since i find humor in such childish things, boy did i get humor out of this.

as you can see, i probably don’t have anything to talk about that people want to hear about. i’ll still give you some trivia, random links and a poll. maybe i’ll have something sweet to talk about soon.

What was the last American colony to ratify the Constitution?


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 11 Feb 2009 @ 11:10 PM 

the title says it all. i have returned. from a really long ass hiatus. i’ve been without a computer for so long, i kinda forgot what i even did on here to blow my time. but i’m pretty sure it won’t take that long to remember how i used to waste five hours of a day just sitting on wikipedia looking at random shit or using stumble upon to find ridiculous webpages. or of course, to begin updating this blog again and continue my promise to regularly update this (which i still will, the me-without-a-computer period doesn’t count).

so i’m going to new orleans this weekend for the mardi gras celebration. when i was getting donuts before work the other day, there was some black dude hanging out outside the shop and told me that he would watch my car and make sure i wouldn’t get a ticket, and if i did, he’d pay for it. this obviously didn’t make any sense to me because the guy looked like he was poor as shit, so i started talking to him about why he was literally telling everyone who was parking on the street that he would watch their car and make sure the meter maid didn’t ticket them. well, in the half and hour conversation i had with this bum, i found out he was from new orleans and that he’s going back this weekend. we also exchanged phone numbers. i’m probably not going to call him when i’m there.

also, in other traveling news, i’m planning on driving up to alaska this summer. i’ve kinda wanted to do this for a pretty long time but just not actually gone and done it. but this is happening for sure. there’s a place in fairbanks that has a room that they set to -40 degrees (celsius or fahrenheit) and you can pay them to go around and play in it. they even give you a bucket of water that you can throw when you’re in there to see what happens to the water!

in some more traveling news, i plan on living this winter at the south pole. more info about that later.

so, since it’s been some time, i’m gonna show the trivia standings. here they are:

jon rolling – 7.5
sanjog gopal – 4.5
nathan burkhart – 4
erin zaletel – 4
amy smith – 3
adam smith – 2
aj belshe – 2
maia hoelzinger – 2
chris spencer – 1
greg benezra – 1
sean bell – 1
jaclyn backhaus – .5
darren nakamura – .5
cassie fronzo – .5

i’ve decided that i’ll mail someone a prize once they reach 13 points, and at that point, i’ll reset the scores and start again. and then the first to get 13 after the reset will get a prize. and so on and so forth. so it’s still anyone’s game. i’ll post the answers to the questions once someone reaches 13.

anyway, i think that’s all for now folks. i’ll try and update at least once a week since i work now and don’t have as much free time as i used to.

In what year was the first U.S. Census?


Bonus Question: Whose mouth is that in the picture? And from what movie? (1 point each):


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 25 Jan 2009 @ 8:42 PM 

alright, so i know that a bunch of you just thought that i got website a.d.d. and stopped updating my website, but the truth is, i really wanted to, but couldn’t.  about three weeks ago, my computer’s motherboard died and i have been computer-less since.  i even ordered a new computer and it’s taking them still two more weeks for them to ship it to me.  so this will be my only post until i finally get a computer.  and i promise that when i get a computer, i’ll start updating again.

since i last updated, there have been a few changes in my life. i have a new girlfriend now, and things are going well. my job is flowing nicely and i might even be able to score myself a promotion in the next month. and to top things off, i should be able to move into my own place by march! so all in all, everything is pretty exciting now.

in three weeks, around the time that i actually get a new computer, i’m going to be heading to new orleans with greg for mardi gras. i’m thinking that we need to get some wacky costumes to wear there to fit in. you know, something that’s gonna make us stand out as the coolest kids that side of the mississippi. so i ask you readers, what should me and greg dress up as for mardi gras?

so at work the other day, i reinforced the idea that i’m not able to poop in a stall next to someone that’s pooping. back in the dorms, this situation happened and i heard the other person’s plop, and i uncontrollably laughed until the other person got the fuck out of the bathroom because he thought that my laugh was going to pierce his skull, and others from the hall came in to ask me what the hell was going on in there. and just a few days ago, i was pooping next to someone that was pooping and i was trying my hardest to not break out in laughter. but after a little bit, i heard the man start to make barfing sounds, and that was the last straw. there was only 30 seconds until i would break out into uncontrollable laughter so i got the hell out of there as fast as i could. and now i vow to never poop next to someone ever again.

you know, on that note, i think i’m gonna leave. see you guys again when i finally have a computer.

Who is the only U.S. President that was sworn in by a woman?


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 19 Dec 2008 @ 11:31 AM 

so i’ve been in falling snow a few times. most of the time i was on a mountain skiing or snowboarding, but in boston i was in a blizzard where two feet fell and during my senior year, a few inches fell in tucson. but yesterday was definitely a first for me. i had a snow day. i didn’t have to go to work because the snow closed my way to work. and it did it today too. now, it would be all fun and games, except i had to get my car towed home because i tried to make it to work but couldn’t. that wasn’t so hot.

when i left for work, there was probably half an inch on the ground so at that time, i should have just decided not to leave. but since i’ve driven in snow only a few times, i really wanted to have some fun. only when i was on the freeway and realizing the roads still weren’t clear, i made the decision to turn around. but it was too late. there were a few close calls where i practically started driving on a sidewalk or was sliding sideways down a hill for a few feet, but i continued on until the ultimate stop. when trying to go from the 405 to I-90 east there’s kind of a big hill that you have to go over. consequently, a couple cars didn’t make it up, but drew traction lines toward their ditch off the road. when i tried to go up the hill, i followed their traction lines and i couldn’t make it up either. so i backed up into a tunnel that we had to go through and camped out there for a while. and after some time when i realized the only way i can get out of here would be to call a towing company, i called one up and they said it would be around one and a half to two hours.

only thirty minutes went by until a truck came up behind me and said he was supposed to tow a silver corolla and i got hella excited. i only had to wait thirty minutes. he towed me all the way to my freeway exit and plopped me down in a parking lot. it was pretty expensive, but at least i made my way home.

about three hours later, i got a call from the towing company that i called. they said they were under the tunnel and they can’t find me. so that’s when it hit me. when the dude who towed me said he was looking for a silver corolla, he was actually looking for a different silver corolla, most likely the one sitting in a ditch. oh well. i took someone else’s tow and made it home pretty fast. and got to play in the snow. and now i don’t have work today either. so it looks like i ended up getting the long end of the stick. like i’ve always said, white things are always better. and snow is not an exception.

when i asked what your favorite thing about my new site is, two people answered “my butt”. i really want to know who those two people were. just for statistical reasons.

In what year did the movies Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and Forrest Gump all debut?


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 09 Dec 2008 @ 12:20 AM 

i usually can’t stand it when people type double question marks for no apparent reason. there are some people who type these incessantly (notably, someone i lived with all throughout college) and there are some people who distinguish between a one question mark question and a double question mark question. i am part of the latter group. take a look at this conversation:

erin (9:18:49 PM): Hey all – Just a quick reminder that Short Story Group is meeting tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, Six Arms, 6:30. Perhaps with a migration afterwards to see Nicole’s band, Million Dollar Nile, perform at Nectar?? You decide. Hope you all are having a reasonable Monday.
erin (9:18:59 PM): there were *two* question marks
me (9:19:04 PM): oh yeah.
me (9:19:06 PM): i know what that means.
me (9:19:14 PM): he’s trying to nudge people to go.
erin (9:19:22 PM): but he himself is going to trivia??
me (9:19:25 PM): he’s uneasy about the plan of going himself.
erin (9:19:30 PM): (notice i used two question marks. that should tell you something)
me (9:19:35 PM): but if he gets enough people to go to nectar, he will go there.
erin (9:19:53 PM): but what about his <3 for trivia?
me (9:20:07 PM): do you think that’s a reasonable explaination for the double question marks?
erin (9:20:25 PM): this is the best conversation i’ve had all day.

what do you think? by the way, this conversation ended with:

“hahahaha omg i have been hanging around sunil too much.. i’m starting to make jokes that don’t make any sense!”

i have found out that it’s a general consensus that people think i make no sense. i hate all of you. haha.

The Holy Roman Empire was composed mainly of what present-day country?


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 06 Dec 2008 @ 11:14 AM 

i was walking around downtown today, and guess who i ran into? none other than your friend and mine, delilah. if any of you don’t know who delilah is, your life is just not as cool. but anyway, her voice on a loudspeaker is just as sensual as when you hear it on the radio at 10:00 PM.

there was some sort of festival or carnival going on downtown and i think they were trying to raise money for needy people because there were a lot of salvation army people all over the place. and delilah kept talking about the holiday season of giving, so i figured that it was some sort of fund raiser (then again, she always talks about really sappy shit). anyway, i was just walking through downtown to get to a mcdonald’s because i was a little hungry. when i walked in, i planned on ordering two things from the dollar menu, but i realized i had only 11 cents in my pocket (along with dollar bills) and the figured the tax was gonna be more than 11 cents. there was no way in hell i was gonna break a dollar bill for a few cents, because change is as good as nothing. and in the words of one of my best friends, “i punt pennies.”

so i had to come up with another plan. i figured that since there were so many people walking around downtown, there had to be some change lying around. all i needed was a dime. after walking about three blocks, i saw a shiny silver piece on the ground staring right at me. and as i heard all those salvation army bells ringing and all the homeless people whimpering, i basically said “yep, this money is going to the state of washington!” and so it did. i deemed those ten cents necessary for my tummy.

also, just a quick thing about my blog: i’m not gonna accept multiple answers for trivia questions. your first answer is the only one i’m gonna accept. and also, if you don’t want to type in your information all the time when you want to comment, you can create an account on my site by using the start menu and clicking “register an account.”

oh yeah, and also, this stupid plugin won’t allow more than one poll on a page unless it’s in the sidebar. so that’s where the polls are gonna be from now on, and i will still continue to add a poll every time i make a blog post.

How many different languages are on the Rosetta Stone?


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