15 Dec 2008 @ 12:20 AM 

i went to oregon yesterday on a random road trip. the plan was to drive to a drive-thru safari two-thirds of the way into oregon. to be honest, the safari was probably the most lame part of the whole trip because there were no animals. except gemsbok. we also stopped in portland at a place called the acropolis, which used to be just a steakhouse, but since the zoning restrictions were lifted in portland, they added a strip bar to it (there are a lot of places in portland that have done this). all in all, the road trip was good fun. and since i hadn’t slept the night before, i was loopy as all hell and laughing at just about everything. like gemsbok. i also got my first speeding ticket. but it was total bullshit. oh well. i still had a fun time cruising around oregon.

i have noticed that a lot of you don’t actually comment on my blog entries, but you send me secret messages to me via trivia answers. some of you have middle names that are actually things you want to tell me about your life, some of you just send a trivia answer that’s a “hey what’s going on, nice site!” or some of you just straight up try and humor me with your name and answer. i think people like to remain anonymous to the rest of the world, so that’s why i get comments via the trivia submission instead of through the blog comments. haha, oh well, i find it very humorous. especially the person who put their name on the holy roman empire question as “antarctica” and their answer as “antarctica (i rule)”. whoever submitted that, i would like to know. i found it to be pretty freakin’ funny.

it snowed in seattle yesterday. apparently, it only snows a few times a year here so i may have seen my last snow of the season in the city. i tried driving around in capitol hill the morning after and a bunch of the roads going up the hills were sheets of ice. i was about half way up one of the hills and my car couldn’t get the traction it needed to finish going up the hill so i had a little fun sliding back down the hill into the main street. luckily it was 9 AM on a sunday morning so really no one was out on the streets. except for this bum peeing on the side of the street who watched me slide down the hill while he was urinating.

i thought i had a bunch to write about since i haven’t blogged for a while, but i’m actually just really tired and i probably should catch up on some sleep. so i’ll end this entry with this:

me (11:06 PM): gemsbok.
amy (11:06 PM): what the hell does that mean
me (11:07 PM): zinc fingers.

What is the longest word that contains just a single vowel?


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 09 Dec 2008 @ 12:20 AM 

i usually can’t stand it when people type double question marks for no apparent reason. there are some people who type these incessantly (notably, someone i lived with all throughout college) and there are some people who distinguish between a one question mark question and a double question mark question. i am part of the latter group. take a look at this conversation:

erin (9:18:49 PM): Hey all – Just a quick reminder that Short Story Group is meeting tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, Six Arms, 6:30. Perhaps with a migration afterwards to see Nicole’s band, Million Dollar Nile, perform at Nectar?? You decide. Hope you all are having a reasonable Monday.
erin (9:18:59 PM): there were *two* question marks
me (9:19:04 PM): oh yeah.
me (9:19:06 PM): i know what that means.
me (9:19:14 PM): he’s trying to nudge people to go.
erin (9:19:22 PM): but he himself is going to trivia??
me (9:19:25 PM): he’s uneasy about the plan of going himself.
erin (9:19:30 PM): (notice i used two question marks. that should tell you something)
me (9:19:35 PM): but if he gets enough people to go to nectar, he will go there.
erin (9:19:53 PM): but what about his <3 for trivia?
me (9:20:07 PM): do you think that’s a reasonable explaination for the double question marks?
erin (9:20:25 PM): this is the best conversation i’ve had all day.

what do you think? by the way, this conversation ended with:

“hahahaha omg i have been hanging around sunil too much.. i’m starting to make jokes that don’t make any sense!”

i have found out that it’s a general consensus that people think i make no sense. i hate all of you. haha.

The Holy Roman Empire was composed mainly of what present-day country?


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